This is Highlight

Highlight is a festival using the innovative city Delft as its platform to take people on a journey of new ideas and space on the nexus of art and technology. We believe in inviting people to be creative and rethink our shared future with technology.

Why is this festival so strongly connected to Delft?

Delft has a rich ecosystem of technological institutions, companies, the University of Technology and spinoffs from this university. This high concentration of knowledge is valuable and forms a part of the identity of Delft. With Highlight, we strive to make this ecosystem visible and celebrate the great ideas. In several locations, we expose installations of Art, Technology, Innovation, and Design. All locations are connected via a route through Delft.


Highlight 2020 is a festival with inspiring installations divided on over 15 locations through Delft. In 2025 Highlight strives to be a platform to connect, boost and catalyze new development and present new and running installations and/or prototypes for (tech-) companies. By doing so, we want to stimulate the co-creation of students, tech-companies, artists and scientists.