An Artist Talks with Daan Roosegaarde, Martin Bricelj Baraga and Frederik Ueberschär discussing Highlight Delft's theme 'Reimagined Landscapes'.

Friday November 19th, 20.00 at Theater de Veste

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Highlight Delft is proud to be partnering with Theater de Veste that are organizing an Artist Talks with some of Highlight Delfts participating artists. 

Join us Friday at Theater de Veste where Daan Roosegaarde, Martin Bricelj Baraga and Frederik Ueberschär will discuss Highlight Delft’s theme ‘Reimagined Landscapes’.

At Highlight Delft you can see future visions built with technology that helps us reimagine our shared future. This raises questions, like: How can we shape new environments using contemporary technologies? Can we reclaim (waste) materials to model a more sustainable future world? What kind of interactions can we build in our surroundings using new technologies? 

Theater Veste is the ideal place for the perfect setting for the Artist Talks as they describe themselves as a place of performing arts and imagination, a place of innovation and debate and a place of connection.

Keynote speaker Daan Roosegaarde is internationally known for his artworks and technological landscapes with which he makes the world more beautiful and cleaner. Also on stage will be two of this year participating artists: Martin Bricelj Baraga – award-winning media artist and curator that creates interactive works and sculptures that explore spaces between environment, nature, technology and humans and Frederik Ueberschär –  German designer, researcher and maker with an interest in the human interaction with AI technologies and the use of Machine Learning as a practical design tool to address societal issues. 

In collaboration with Theater de Veste.