Origin, Katarina Petrovic

“Can we ever approach the point of origin? The perfect vacuum? Can we approach zero? In mathematics, zero can be approached from either positive or negative direction. By the same logic, we could ask this question from a negative direction: Can zero ever approach us? Could zero speak?”

Approaching 0 (0rigin v.2.0) is a research project that asks the fundamental question of what we can perceive as we approach “zero” in a physical setup. Katarina Petrovic investigates the properties of sound and modes of (particle) vibration under extreme conditions approaching zero gas (vacuum) and zero orientation through performative, optoacoustic experiments.

This project is part of Katarina’s ongoing research into creative processes and the concept of Origin, and is the continuation of the first prototype (The Origin. v.1.0.) that explored the properties of sound in a vacuum, developed in Ljubljana in 2017.

About the first prototype, The Origin (v.1.0.)

The Origin (v.1.0.) explores the properties of sound in low pressure environments. It is an acoustic feedback system consisting of a speaker and a microphone embedded in a glass sphere. The container is being periodically vacuumed from atmospheric pressure (~1000 mbar) to almost zero (-0,85 mbar). In the process of slow leakage of air, the sound generated in the feedback loop exhibits strange and fascinating properties.

The Origin (v.1.0.)

About Katarina Petrović

Katarina Petrović (NL/RS) is an artist and researcher working at the intersection of art, science and humanities. Her work focuses on generative and creative processes, from meaning-making, poiesis and organizational systems to physics of sound, light and vacuum. She creates systems, procedural works that are presented as modular installations in an online and offline space, using media such as generative text, poetry, sound, software and performance.