Armand Lesecq Binaural Audio Art Armand Lesecq Binaural Audio Art Highlight Delft 2023

How does the theatre sound?

Listen to a musical version of Theater de Veste on silent disco headphones. Armand Lesecq creates an inner immersion that makes you doubt your own perception. The piece plays with our ability to recognize sounds, their origin, the material, and the spaces they originate from.

Highlight Delft, Theater de Veste and iii chose Armand Lesecq as winner of the Open Call Binaural Audio Art. This commissioned audio artwork will be presented at Theatre de Veste in the foyers, making use of a silent disco headphone system. The jury selected Armand Lesecq based on his proposal to create an immersive audio and musical experience, focusing on the boundaries between the outer environment and our inner perception of it.

About Armand Lesecq

Armand Lesecq (1994, FR) is an interdisciplinary artist & sound designer currently based in Paris and The Hague (NL). Armand’s work is focused on the relationship between perception, awareness and imagination. Through sound and/or visual compositions, he guides the audience into reflective and introspective inner meanders. He studied sound techniques, electroacoustic composition at Pantin’s conservatory (FR) and Arts at the HEAR Strasbourg (FR), and holds a master degree of the ArtScience Interfaculty (KABK & KC) in The Hague (NL).

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Armand Lesecq

Made possible by Makers Subsidie Delft, iii & Theater de Veste.