Nada Nuevo
Jesus Canuto Iglesias
Thu. Fri. 19:00-22:00 (last show) Sat. 17:30-22:00 Every 30 minutes - limited capacity per show

Nada Nuevo is a sound installation that uses unbalanced stepper motors attached to polished steel to interpret songs based on its location and purpose. Nada Nuevo’s next song will be played in the Hexapod laboratory, where they test the stress of metal parts and walls until they fail.

‘A sound installation that combines unbalanced stepper motors and mirrors to interpret music.’

Nada Nuevo is a sound installation that makes usage of unbalanced stepper motors attached to polished steel to interpret songs based on the location and purpose of the installation. Nada Nuevo is a conceptually layered work in which every element of the work constitutes an idea on itself. It uses the brute sounds of machinery and metal and brings them to a state in which they turn musical. The audience its opinion and its reflection are in the center of this installation. It is clear that the artist has a high level of interest in discussing the purpose of Art and Music for the individual and the collective, as well as applying different psychological biases as conceptual and methodological backgrounds to his work. Through his art and installations, the artist always asks the viewer a question about their own experiences living.

About Jesus Canuto Iglesias
Jesus Canuto Iglesias was born in Madrid in 1992. His education was based in Spain, The United States, France, and The Netherlands. He recently graduated from the Artscience Interfaculty at the Royal Academy of Art of The Hague and the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. He is a multidisciplinary artist focused on the creation of art that is rich in conceptual ideas and sensorial transmission, making use of traditional creation methods and techniques as well as of technological elements.

Special thanks to Peter de Vries and the Stevinlab.

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