Jonas Vorwerk

Metronome is an installation that connects light and sound with one another through and age-old principle: the metronome. It is a spatial, kinetic work with light and sound that is about rhythm, balance and synchronicity in an aesthetic image summarized by the combination of technology and human interaction.

‘A spatial, kinetic work with light and sound that is about rhythm, balance and synchronicity.’

Metronome brings light, sound and movement together through a combination of esthetics and innovative technology. It is not only an art installation but also a means of contact: it challenges the visitor to interact with the work and with other visitors. In this way you can work together with others to arrive at a collective composition. Metronome is characterized by interactivity with the user, attractive aesthetics, timeless design, state-of-the-art technology and interaction between light and sound.

Metronome is an interactive installation. The work comes to life in the hands of the
User, who is given the opportunity to become (co)composers of the work. Where many
Kinetic art is still static and just to look at, this work goes one step further: it requires participation and engagement.

About Jonas Vorwerk
Various disciplines come together in Jonas Vorwerk’s work: sound, light, interaction and technology. High-end technology is used as a means to achieve a goal: an installation that connects different disciplines and that can be intuitively operated and understood by a layman. All of Jonas’ designs were created through research and experimentation. Not only the development of his work is based on experimentation and crossovers – Jonas also challenges users to do this. Without them, the work is not alive – they are almost forced to experiment with the work and find out what it does (to them).

In collaboration with BPD Cultuurfonds

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