Neural Narratives
Tivon Rice

Rather than focusing on efficiency and performance, can we search for the poetic, the abstract, and the absurd nature of these systems? And in doing so, can we imagine and realize more creative future relationships with the machines?

‘Exploring the potential for creativity and human/computer collaboration in machine learning systems.’

For the past four years, Tivon Rice has worked to integrate machine learning (Natural Language Processing) with his wider visual, spatial, and time-based art practices. This has evolved into a kind of digital storytelling which explores a network of relationships between experimental film, installation, and computer-generated texts.

Neural Narratives represents his current work with these systems, in collaboration with researchers in the TU Delft Department of Computer Science. As we build machine learning tools that are designed to be accessible to wider artistic communities, it is important to pause and critically reflect on their expressiveness and creative potential.

For Environment Built for Absence Tivon combines digital 3D models of the former Dutch statistics building (CBS) with an artifi cial intelligence system trained to speak like science fi ction author J.G. Ballard. A recurrent neural network emulates the vocabulary, style, and tone of Ballard’s writing and describes the materials, invisible bodies, and possible narratives residing within the broken concrete grounds.

About Tivon Rice
Tivon Rice is an artist and educator working across visual culture and technology. Based in Den Haag (NL) and Seattle (US), his work critically explores representation and communication in the context of digital culture and asks: how do we see, inhabit, feel, and talk about these new forms of exchange? How do we approach creativity within the digital? What are the poetics, narratives, and visual languages inherent in new information technologies? And what are the social and environmental impacts of these systems?

In collaboration with Crossing Parallels

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