Five different teams of graduate students came up with concepts for Highlight Delft 2024. They did this as part of the course ‘Lighting Design’ at Delft University of Technology. The student team ‘Wellicht’ was selected to turn their idea into a work of art. In the coming months they will receive support to further develop and realize the concept. The final artwork will be on display during the festival in February.

Water, the Bad Luck Generation, Wellness, Glowing Drinks and Color

The graduate students presented several ideas tied to the overarching theme of perception and, of course, the frameworks of the course. They proposed a bar with luminous drinks, inspired by the idea of light as nutrition for plants. Also presented was a claustrophobic work on the “bad luck generation,” an installation around different phases of water, and a piece revolving around wellness, where the audience would undergo a kind of out-of-body experience. The winning design by team ‘Wellicht’ revolves around the transformative power of color, where a space comes to life again and again by viewing it through a different lens.

Lighting Design

The Lighting Design course, led by Sylvia Pont, focuses on shaping light for specific needs, locations, and forms. The focus is on creating atmospheres, enabling visual interactions, and serving as a lighting interface between users and their environment. Sylvia Pont, head of the Perceptual Intelligence Lab, leads students in understanding and manipulating light for various purposes.

Student City Delft

Highlight Delft and the student community are inextricably linked. Besides integrating the festival into the Lighting Design course, the organization has organized an open call in collaboration with the student employment agency STUD and is working with KITE to provide a platform for school students. These initiatives are designed to increase student involvement and highlight the ingenuity of Delft students during Highlight Delft 2024.