Welcome to 2030, the zenith of the Subscription Era, where ownership has been replaced by the allure of disposability and convenience. In this world, the concept of renting extends beyond homes to encompass every facet of life, including appliances that track usage and charge renters accordingly, often shutting off when fees are due. Cars and their features are no exception. With the evolution of robotics and AI, we now see the commoditization of algorithmic empathy.

Introducing _SUBS: The Future of Robotic Companionship. Tired of the complexities of human relationships? _SUBS offers robotic companions, fully customizable and AI-driven, designed to cater to your every need. These companions can be tailored to be a friend, partner, or caregiver, attuned to your unique desires and available without the intricacies of human interaction. Our robots’ features, such as body warmth and empathy, operate on flexible subscription plans. Choose from our unlimited monthly subscription or a pay-as-you-go option, allowing you to pay only for the companionship you desire.

Can AI replace complex human relations?

Theater de Veste

About Eric Gu

Eric has worn a variety of hats in Academia and Industry. Previously, as the former Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London, Eric conducted and published a number of research projects probing multi-modal interfaces and co-created the still active "Augmented Designer" curriculum for design graduates of the Dyson School of Design Engineering. In Industry, Eric is a Creative Technologist with 5+ years of experience as a Design Innovations Consultant, for clients (notably Fujitsu, Amazon, Ericsson) on “Future of [X]” projects, as well as startups & NGO's in AI-embodied hardware products

A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Eric applies his expertise in speculative design to create thought-provoking artifacts that explore possible futures. His approach reflects a commitment to using design as a tool for critical reflection on societal and technological trends.

Website: www.arteliers.work