Some well-known visual illusions work via structures of colour contrasts and colour gradients. They are designed to view on a screen or as prints on white paper under white lighting. But, the light contrasts and gradients arriving at the eye are a combination of material reflectance and lighting spectra. So, varying the lighting spectra will vary the colour ingredients for the illusions. By careful combination this can induce hallucinatory dynamics in those illusions – which we demonstrate with movement, lightness, neon colour spreading, colour contrast and colour assimilation illusions – some of others and some self-generated.

Take notice: limited capacity and flashing lights.

Look at each illusion for a full colour sequence to see what happens

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About Prof. dr. Sylvia Pont, Charl Smit, Yuguang Zhao

Sylvia Pont is a professor at TU Delft, leading the Perceptual Intelligence lab, Industrial Design Engineering, and teaching lighting design and other human centered design courses. Charl Smit is a professional lighting designer and co-teaches the lighting design course. Yuguang Zhao is a PhD candidate in the Perceptual Intelligence lab.