Curved Sounds is an immersive experience that sonifies Lissajous curves. It can be compared to an 8D sound system, where you not only hear the sound but also feel it moving around you. The Lissajous curves it projects are created by combining two sine waves at right angles to each other. These curves are generated by the motion of a point influenced by two harmonic vibrations, one horizontal and one vertical, with the frequency relationship between these vibrations determining the resulting pattern. Simple ratios produce symmetrical patterns, while more complex combinations result in shapes that continuously change direction.

Curved Sounds was initially developed as a research project for the Sound Space & Interaction course at Leiden University. The project yielded such an enjoyable effect that the decision was made to submit it to the STUD Open Call for Highlight Delft. The work was accepted on the condition that it would be further developed to include accompanying visual effects and interactive components. The result of these enhancements will be showcased at the Highlight Delft festival.

Take notice: limited capacity, loud sounds, flashing lights (lasers) in a dark room. People with limited visibility are advised to take proper precautions. This installation is located in the basement of The Social Hub and is accessible by stairs and elevator for people with limited mobility.

Credit: Studio Mikkel

About Studio Mikkel

ing. Michael “Mikkel” Olthof is a Leiden based artist. He has a bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering, and is currently pursuing two masters, Next Level Engineering and Media Technology. In his works he combines the fields of science, engineering, design, and art. This multidisciplinary set of skills allows him to turn the craziest creative ideas into reality.

Instagram: @studiomikkel

Facebook: @studiomikkel

LinkedIn: @michaelolthof


Thanks to

For the development of this work, thanks to Edwin van der Heide (Assisting Research & Development), Malte Torma (Assisting Production), STUD, Highlight Delft, and De Rekenaar.