Students at TU-Delft Library often overlook the “Collection Wall”, despite its diverse selection of content. To increase awareness, concepts were developed for the Interactive Environments minor, including DELPHI. DELPHI is an interactive light and poetry experience. DELPHI generates personalized poems based on user-selected colors, location, time, and weather conditions. The poems aim to uplift and motivate students, especially during stressful exam periods. Users interact with DELPHI by choosing colors displayed on hanging spheres by touch, which influence the poem’s content. DELPHI then transmits color data to ChatGPT, which generates poems tailored to users’ emotional states and when and where the interaction takes place.

Can AI relieve study stress?

Theater de Veste

About IE Team 06 (David van Beelen, Birthe Hartmann, Robin Rietdijk, Álvaro Sempere Caro, Ruoqian Zhao)

We are a group of students representing both multiple nationalities as well as multiple fields of study, covering China, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands as home bases and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Industrial Design for our fields of study. We came together during the minor program of Interactive Environments at the Delft University of Technology. Over the course of last semester we were given the opportunity to practice a diverse skillset from conceptual design to building concrete prototypes. We were able to make working with different nationalities and expertises a benefit rather than a drawback and were able to bring the minor program to a succesful end with our final prototype.

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