Credit: Lilli Weinstein

Soil is a fundamental support for all life on earth and provides the habitat for countless organisms that form a highly sophisticated ecosystem. Unamplified human sensory observations cannot capture what is going on in soil, but with artistic augmentation, this world can be unveiled.

Edaphon is a sound installation exploring the living soil and relations within the seemingly silent underground ecological systems. The installation consists of multiple ceramic coil sculptures, each of them producing fragmented sounds coming from moving bodies under the surface. Edaphon is the aggregate of organisms living in the soil — the vast and diverse underground network of plants, nematodes, bacteria, fungi, earthworms, arthropods, and mammals. Visitors to the installation are allowed to access a place beyond the human-scaled environment. Edaphon becomes an instrument for listening and giving careful attention to the hidden world beneath us.

Credit: Lilli Weinstein

Listen to the soil below us

Oost-Indië Plaats

About Christine Hvidt

Christine Hvidt, a Danish artist currently residing in Den Haag, Netherlands, is driven by a profound fascination for systems thinking and ecology. Her interdisciplinary practice spans across computational, generative, autonomous organisms and systems, sonic attention, open-ended compositions, and embodied experiences. Exploring the intersections of human and nature, art and science, and the environmental and social aspects of ecological systems, Christine's work aims to reconnect humanity with life forms we've grown distant from in our human-shaped worlds.

Using artistic and scientific methods, Christine facilitates encounters with life forms or their activities beyond our usual perception. Currently enrolled in the Artscience Interfaculty Master's program, she is challenging concepts of 'human' and 'nature,' exploring symbiotic relations within soil biological communities through bodily listening practices and site-specific sound installations.

Christine continuously evolves her artistic practice, striving to challenge prevailing narratives of modernity, growth, progress, human exceptionalism, and nature as a resource. Her goal is to nurture empathy, intimacy, listening, empowerment, decision-making, habit awareness, response-ability, and hope through art and aesthetic experiences.

In the face of neoliberal and capitalist challenges, Christine advocates for repositioning ourselves within planetary ecosystems, adopting regenerative behaviors for a more sustainable future.

Instagram: @c.hvidt