In this installation, you experience how differently we experience the world. If you stand in the same space, do you see the same thing? Perception can be described as personal awareness and as the contact individuals have with the world around them. To show the meaning of perception in a rapidly changing society and how little influence you yourself can have on this world, the installation EyeSeeDifferent was created by five TU Delft students.

EyeSeeDifferent is a story in which you, the visitor, walk through two spaces. In the first space, you are the one in control. You probably see the world differently than the person next to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see the same thing. Engage in the conversation and discover what influences your perception.

The second room is located at the end of the story, here you can step into a world where your preconceptions will disappear as will your own perception.

Let the lights in the room guide you in forming new opinions and be inspired!

Take notice: limited capacity and colored lights, people with limited visibility are advised to take care.

Credit: Wellicht

Want a fresh perspective? Wear each other's glasses!

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About Wellicht

We are team Wellicht (Sarissa Bakker, Maarten de Jong, Brechtje Krijvenaar, Esmee Treur & Stijn Wiltingh), five master students from the Faculty of Industrial Design. In our team, all three master's departments are represented; two members from Design for Interaction, two members from Integrated Product Design and one member from Strategic Product Design. This ensures that we can combine all knowledge into a concept that runs well in all areas.
All of us think it is important that our concept is accessible to everyone and that everyone walks away with new insights. It is incredibly fun for us to think beyond the drawing board and make the concept a reality in real life!

Instagram: @sarissabakker , @esmeetreur , @maartendejonggg , @wiltinghstijn , @brechtje_k

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Thanks to our coaches Sylvia Pont & Charl Smit