Spectral tuning is a technique used to precisely control the different wavelengths of light. Spectral tuning has many applications, but one of them is that it can change the appearance of colours. Selective Reflections uses a projector and a red and blue semi-transparent textile layer to showcase the power of spectral tuning. The semi-transparent fabric allows light to be reflected, absorbed and transmitted. By spectrally tuning the projected light, an interesting play of depth perception is achieved through the two textile layers.

Bas: “For my graduation project I wanted to do something with light. As it was my final project at university I wanted it to be artistic and I wanted to create a cool experience. Two aspects that are not always desirable at Industrial Design, where the main focus is functionality. Despite that fact, Highlight was the perfect place where the technology background of the university and my desire to create something artistic could be combined. My interest in light and my ambition to develop an experience, resulted in a light and sound installation that uses spectral tuning to play with the perception of depth of the viewer.”

How to select reflections? Spectral tuning!

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"As a child I always said that I want to be a designer. Right now, I am graduating at the Industrial Design faculty of the Technical University in Delft on the master Design for Interaction. During my study I developed more and more interest on the interactions between humans and products or services. This also led to more enthusiasm for creating experiences, where people would have a feeling of wonder and excitement. These are two things that I always want to evoke with my work."

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