Credit: Viorica Cernica

Marieke van den Burg: “On a sunny day, the sun created sharp shadows on the walls. In some silhouettes, I saw figures that resembled people and animals. It would be fun if these shadows could come to life! I delved into the philosophical world of shadows and quickly came across the quote from psychologist Carl Jung: ‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.’

With this quote in mind, I started working on making emotions and feelings visible in the world of shadows.”

Through a spotlight, a shadow world comes to life, a world that shows our human, recognizable but often unspoken emotions and feelings. Most of us recognize the taboo on expressing our emotions and feelings, but that doesn’t make it automatic to express them. To break this taboo, Self Spot (2022) literally and figuratively puts our difficulties in the spotlight. Each object in the unique kitchen has its own personality traits, emotions, and feelings. Just like us.

Take notice: limited capacity.

Credit: Marieke van der Burg

About Marieke van der Burg

Everyone recognizes their difficult moments in life. They are not fun, but they're part of life; they make us stronger, wiser and yes, maybe also a little bit older.

Marieke van der Burg always uses her own experiences and learning process involved as inspiration. Using animations, projection techniques and interactive experiences, she makes unique creations with which she playfully brings emotionally charged subjects into the spotlight.


LinkedIn: @marieke-van-der-burg