Visit the sneak preview of Highlight Delft and get an exclusive look at this year’s program! In cooperation with TOPdesk, we are organizing a unique (no charge) sneak preview of this year’s festival program on Friday 26 January! Teun Verkerk, artistic director of the festival will give a special look behind the scenes of Highlight Delft and two artists will be present to explain their works in person.

Filipp Groubnov will give an artist talk about his new work Scorched Earth. With this work he uses digital techniques to recreate places that have become inaccessible in the physical world due to conflicts or serious pollution. For Scorched Earth, Zone Rouge in France is his starting point.

Lilian Kreutzberger takes us on her journey, experimenting and exploring (with) “supersurfaces. Kreutzberger speculates about a future, completely digitized, world in which people are completely surrounded by screens of images and representations. In this world, the surface of physical objects such as buildings and furniture would be covered with a constantly changing “digital skin.

About TOPdesk
TOPdesk wants to help people do the work they love and are the best at it. They do this with a service management solution that combines a turnkey tool with specialized in-house experts. TOPdesk is based in Delft and has been co-sponsoring Highlight Delft for several years.

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Sneak preview Highlight Delft 2024
Friday 26 January, 15.45-18.00
Westlandseweg 40, Delft