Endorsement partners

We are very proud Highlight Delft is endorsed by TU Delft Campus and Gemeente Delft.
Together we work on a stronger innovative image of Delft.

Funding partners

Programma partners

Tailor-made partners

With a special thanks to:

IKEA, Delft Business, Lancet, Spoonbill Mobility, Stichting Stunt, DUWO, Stairway productions, Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland, Faber, Pavarotti, Klankvorm, Suncooler, Stroom Den Haag, Publi Air, Thomann, Infinite devices, DK Audio, Piet Koolmees, Eric Amory, Evi Bulters, Anne-Marijn Vrolijk,

Jack Broeders, Emma Hoogenboezem, all artists, all volunteers, Rene Jacobs, Theun Ballar, Wolter Smitw