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Early bird tickets 2024 – Highlight Delft

Start of Highlight Delft 2024 Celebrated at Theater de Veste



In a lively gathering last night, Theater de Veste hosted the spirited kick-off event heralding the onset of Highlight Delft. Set to unfold in three months, the festival is poised to be a remarkable convergence of creativity and innovation. The kick-off drinks saw the presence of the Highlight Delft’s team, production crew, and a dedicated assembly of volunteers, pivotal to the seamless execution of the upcoming event.

Teun Verkerk, the artistic director of Highlight Delft, provided a tantalizing glimpse into the diverse offerings of the festival, ranging from interactive installations to groundbreaking ideas from students. Niké Mulder, the marketing and communications manager, outlined the promotional strategies that will unfold in the months leading up to the festival. Volunteer coordinator Suus Bout extended a warm welcome to the volunteers during the kick-off reception, emphasizing their essential role in ensuring the festival’s success. This provided an opportunity for volunteers to connect, sharing their enthusiasm for the impending festivities.

Many of the volunteers present had previously participated in the festival, excitedly recounting their positive experiences, “The works were truly outstanding last year, and that’s why I wouldn’t miss this edition for anything!” Some volunteers even already indicated their preferred shifts, with two retired gentlemen good-naturedly opting for early shifts, humorously remarking, “Leave the late shifts to the youngsters!”

Scheduled to unfold from February 15 to February 17, the festival promises a distinctive fusion of art and technology, featuring captivating installations and performances scattered throughout downtown Delft. Themed around perception, Highlight Delft seeks to celebrate innovation and imagination with a mind-bending program.

The success of Highlight Delft hinges on the dedicated efforts of volunteers, who contribute to bringing the magic of art and technology to the city. If you wish to experience Highlight Delft up close, consider becoming a volunteer. Enjoy the flexibility to decide how many days you contribute. Sign up through the provided form or reach out via email to volunteer coordinator Suus at volunteers@highlightdelft.nl.

See you at Highlight Delft 2024!

Winner STUD open call announced


Micheal “Mikkel” Olthof was named the winner of the STUD open call last Wednesday. His pitch about the immersive experience Curved Sounds impressed the jury greatly. Students from different programs participated in the open call at the TU Science Centre. With the support of Highlight Delft’s curatorial and tech team Mikkel further develop his project in the coming months.


Leiden-based product designer Michael “Mikkel” Olthof has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Next Level Engineering and a master’s degree in Media Technology. In doing so, he combines the fields of computer science, engineering, design, and art. These multidisciplinary skills enable him to turn the most creative ideas into beautiful reality. As an artist, he draws much of his inspiration from natural materials combined with modern technology.

Curved Sounds

Curved Sounds is an installation in which Mikkel makes Lissajous figures auditory. This can be compared to an 8D sound-experience where you hear the sound and feel it moving around you. In collaboration with Highlight Delft, Mikkel will develop Curved Sounds to become visually perceptible.

Lissajous figures are complex curves created by combining two sine waves with right angles to each other. The basic shape is created by the motion of a point affected by two harmonic vibrations, one one horizontal and one vertical, with the frequency relationship between these vibrations determining the resulting pattern. These figures range from simple shapes such as rectangles and circles to more complex structures, depending on the frequency ratio. Simple fractures produce symmetrical patterns. They are often displayed on oscilloscopes by electronically generated sine waves.

STUD X Highlight Delft

Highlight Delft organized this open call in cooperation with student employment agency STUD. This involved looking for a student who would like to create a work of art for Highlight Delft 2024, focusing on the creative application of technology. For this, students had to organize a pitch of up to three minutes in which they presented their idea. The winning idea was selected by a jury consisting of STUD board members, Highlight Delft’s curatorial and tech team and students who have previously presented projects at Highlight Delft.

Highlight Delft will take place in downtown Delft from 15 – 17 February 2024. Tickets are available.

Richard Vijgen is artist in residence at TerraIndex for Highlight Delft 2024


Artist Richard Vijgen will join TerraIndex as artist in residence for Highlight Delft 2024. Based on datasets from TerraIndex, Richard Vijgen, whose work focuses on visualizing data, will make visible the invisible of soil research, from groundwater levels to soil conditions and subsidence. Read more >


On sale now: SH4DOW!


Tickets for SH4DOW, the special international theater performance at Theater de Veste during Highlight 2024 from Feb. 15 to 17, are on sale now! Read more >


Recap Highlight Delft 2023


Photos 2023


Throwback to the 2023 Highlight Delft Innovative art & technology route

More photos on Facebook.

Volunteer at Highlight Delft 2024


Highlight Delft cannot exist without volunteers! Would you like to be a part of Highlight Delft’s energetic team? Do you want to experience the festival up close? Then sign up now!

From February 15 – 17, Highlight Delft will present unique collaborations between artists, scientists, (tech) companies and students. The visitor will be enchanted and made to think about how we as humans can shape our future and environment.

The theme this year is perception. Do you see what I see? Visitors will experience roughly twenty unique locations and installations. While walking through the city, they will connect Delft’s rich history to the scientific progress of the university.

As a volunteer you will host our visitors at the locations and check their wristbands. On the night itself we will make sure you are well fed as you and other volunteers enjoy a meal together. Oh, and did we mention the goodie bag? At the end of your shift you’ll join other volunteers for a drink to end the night! Any questions? Send an email to volunteers@highlightdelft.nl

Oh and… save the date: on the evening of November 15 you are welcome to attend the crew kickoff! Here we’ll get to know each other over drinks and you’ll learn all about the festival. What are you waiting for? Sign up now. See you at Highlight Delft!

Open call – Student Artist wanted! Create an artwork for Highlight Delft 2024


Update 3 November: The STUD Open Call will take place on Wednesday 8 November! Doors open at 17:30, first pitch at 18:00. We’ll make sure there’s pizza!

Update 2 November: Due to storm Ciarán, we have decided to move tonight’s 6 p.m. STUD Open Call to a later date. We are extremely bummed that we have to cancel the Open Call today, but feel it is irresponsible to ask people to hit the road in this weather. 

We are currently busy planning a new date for the Open Call, we’ll of course share this information as soon as possible!


STUD and Highlight Delft are looking for students with new ideas for an artwork or creative project in Delft. Highlight Delft and STUD will financially support the realization of the best ideas and present them during the Highlight Delft 2024 festival, on 15-17 February 2024. Read more >


‘What is real and what is not? Maybe there is no difference.’


The upcoming 2024 edition of Highlight Delft revolves around perception. Is everything we see real? And do we really see everything that there is? Artistic director of the festival, Teun Verkerk, explains why this theme is so tantalizing right now. Read more >