Jan Willem Hagenbeek- Resonating Room Highlight Delft 2023 Jan Willem Hagenbeek- Resonating Room Highlight Delft 2023

One room, twelve metal strings, a modular synthesizer, and the walking audience; together they form a true sound sensation.

Walk through the Resonating Room and experience how the room changes under the influence of your movements. This alienating installation constantly changes our perspective on the space through amplified resonances in the metal strings placed in the room.

Feel for yourself how important sound is in the experience of a room! As the visitors move through the room, the sound changes continuously. As a result, the way you experience this space is always different.
Artist Jan Willem Hagenbeek attaches twelve metal strings in the Resonating Room, all of which resonate at their natural frequency. The sound they produce bounces off the walls is picked up by a microphone and fed back into the self-designed modular synthesizer. This creates a loop in the sound. The strength of the vibrations also depends on the location of the audience in the room. In the center, a rotating LIDAR continuously scans the space to measure the distance to the objects.

As an electronic musician, Jan Willem knows the difference between the feeling of playing on stage and the controlled environment of a studio. That’s why the musical instruments he makes himself are designed with a focus on the immediacy of live performances.

Jan Willem Hagenbeek - Resonating Room Resonating Room

About Jan‌ ‌Willem‌ ‌Hagenbeek‌

Jan Willem Hagenbeek, who graduated as an architect, has been the man behind the company Gynkosynthese for almost 10 years. There he makes modular electronic musical instruments and music cases.
As early as 1992 he experimented with making sounds on his parents' computer. In his quest for sound, he begins circuit bending. That’s modifying a circuit in the hope of discovering a new sound. In 2004 this resulted in a series of live acts in collaboration with other musicians and visual artists.

Once a year he develops a special installation or performance in which he can express all his creativity.


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