Credit: Studio Nanno Simonis

What is a screen but the picture upon it?

Nanno Simonis: “As humans, I think we often struggle to look past what something is at first sight. Seeing these intricate, colorful landscapes inside the screen creates a different relationship between us and this piece of technology through which we increasingly experience the world.”

Take notice: limited capacity in a dark space. People with limited visibility are advised to take proper precautions.

Credit: Studio Nanno Simonis
Credit: Studio Nanno Simonis

“What is shown on my skin no longer acts as my identity, no longer speaks as if it were who I am. I am me now.”

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About Nanno Simonis

"As a child, I saw art as self-expression, a form of expressing how you feel as an individual, or think about something. Over time, I realized that art could also be something that shows the expression of something bigger. Separate from one individual. Despite being inseparable as the creator of the work, I try to distance myself from the work as much as possible. Traces of the making process are mostly eliminated and the works are generally minimal in material and form. This is important to create as much space as possible for my own reflection, distance and focus on small details that fly by in the whirlwind of life, without being able to dwell on them.

It is interesting to me to be concerned with how we as humans affect our environment. Directly and indirectly. How my view of something itself changes. In this I also try to look at "reality" from a different angle and question it. Perception is where poetry arises for me, not only at work but also within our reality. In this sense, I hope to give something to someone who comes into contact with my work. A curiosity about our surroundings and sensitivity to the stratification in which everything resides, in order to look beyond the surface."

Instagram: @nannosimonis